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Biomass Boilers

Contact Eco Generation for a free feasibility study on any scale of Biomass Boiler. We operate nationwide and are specialists in supplying and installing Biomass Boilers.

Biomass Boiler Introduction


Please follow these links for more specific information on Commercial Biomass Boilers and Domestic Biomass Boilers.


Biomass Boilers are quickly becoming the preferred source of heat for many applications from domestic heating to supplying heat for commercial scale steam processes. The concept is simple, firstly source a certified biomass boiler fuel (typically wood, we can help you find Biomass fuel local to you). The boiler burns the biomass fuel to heat water which is then utilised for an application. This clearly isn't a new technology, however regulations over biomass fuel supply and huge leaps in biomass boiler design have made this a truly viable alternative to fossil fuels. The government incentives (RHI) only add to this viability.

Biomass Boiler Supply

Eco Generation is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses in Cheshire and the Nationwide understand and benefit from switching to Biomass Boiler heating. We have many years experience as Biomass Boiler suppliers and installers, giving you the reassurance you are dealing with highly experienced professionals. If you have any level of query or would like a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Biomass Boiler Fuel


The most popular forms of Biomass Boiler Fuel are wood chip, wood pellet and wooden logs. Each have their pros and cons. It is critical that fuels are sourced locally where possible otherwise unnecessary transport costs will be incurred.


It is common for commercial scale Biomass Boilers to be bespoke in order to suit the selected fuel. Therefore when planning a Biomass Boiler Project, fuel selection should be one of your first considerations.


We can advise on local Biomass Boiler Fuel Suppliers in Cheshire, the North West and Nationwide if needed.

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