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Biomass Boiler Funding Options


Like many assets there are a range of options for funding a commercial or domestic Biomass Boiler installation. Please see below for a brief summary of each and contact us to learn more or for a quote:

Biomass Financing Cheshire
Commercial Biomass Boiler Finance - fixed 3.9%APR


Eco Generation can source highly competitive finance packages for commercial biomass clients. The finance arrangement is very simple, please see below for basic details. With this term of finance and low fixed APR rate, Biomass Boilers can remain cashflow positive and bring significant profits. If this is of interest please contact us today.


Rate:             3.9% flat rate per annum

Term:            Up to 84 months

LTV:               Up to 100% of the net cost

Value:            Up to £500,000

Type:              Hire Purchase or Loan

Speed:          Around 8 working hours to approve a loan

Biomass Boiler Finance Model
Free Biomass Boiler - Zero Capex

Similar to a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), there are now options for receiving a fully funded Biomass Boiler package. The reason a fund is prepared to pay for the installation and maintenance of a Domestic or Commercial Biomass Boiler is because of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI gives the fund a steady return on the investment and this then allows the host to benefit from the heat produced by the Biomass Boiler through a number of avenues:


1. Free Renewable Heat: This an arrangement where a host is able to take the free renewable heat in return for paying for the highly competitive Biomass Fuel (vs fossil fuels). Some Biomass Fuels are currently the cheapest fuel on the market bringing significant fuel savings to the host. This scheme is ideally suited for entities that don't wish to invest and have high heating costs (normally off mains gas). Contact us to see how much your business or home can save.


2.  Heat Purchase Agreement (HPA): The second approach is where the host doesn't pay for the biomass boiler or the fuel but does pay for the renewable heat they use. The goal is for the rate at which the heat is purchased to be less than the rates currently paid. Normally the rate is linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI).


To understand how your Business or Home can benefit from this scheme, contact us today.

Domestic Biomass Boiler Finance


Eco Generation has access to a Domestic Biomass Boiler Finance Package funded by Barclays Bank.


Basic Terms:

- 10% APR

- 10 year term with fixed monthly repayments

- Cap of £50k can be borrowed

- Can be paid off at any stage without penalty


This biomass funding package is ideally suited to large homes (>300m2) and/or very old and inefficient homes. However, to establish the feasibility of your home contact us today.

Self Financed Biomass through Outright Purchase


Often the preferred route for many is to invest in the businesses or their future by investing their own capital with possible paybacks of 3-6 years.


Eco Generation offers highly competitive turnkey packages.


Biomass Boilers are hugely flexible and often there are a large array of scenarios for a business or home to consider. Smeaton Wood Energy can help make a firm or individual aware of their options and ultimately help to tailor the best solution for their needs.


Contact us today to fully understand your Biomass Boiler potential.

Graph for Biomass Funding
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