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Commercial Biomass Boiler Installation Case Studies


Below are a few examples of our completed Commercial Biomass Boiler installations in Cheshire. Please feel free to contact us to learn the potential of a Biomass Boiler Installation at your business. Additionally Click Here for more information on Non-Domestic Biomass Boilers.


750kW Biomass Boiler Installation in Cheshire
750kWth Chip Biomass Boiler - Poultry Site, Cheshire

A Cheshire based poultry farmer contacted Eco Generation to investigate measures for reducing his substantial heating bills. The farmer was using expensive LPG to heat the four poultry units.


Eco Generation provided the farmer with a Biomass Boiler proposal with a number of approaches for tackling this issue. The farmer considered installing 4x199kW biomass boilers, one for each of the poultry units, or a single 750kW installation to supply all four units. The economics were fairy even for both options due to the savings associated with a single install and the fuel flexibility offered by the larger more robust 750kW Biomass Boiler.


The farmer opted for the single 750kW Boiler option as the operating and maintenance was deemed to be 25% of the effort compared with running 4 boilers.


The Biomass system is on track to payback within 3 years.

750kW Biomass Boiler Installation
410kWth Pellet Biomass Boiler - Rufflette Ltd - Textiles


A Greater Manchester based textile manufacturer, Rufflette Ltd, actually contacted Eco Generation to investigate the potential of installing solar panels on the factory. However following our free feasibility study on the facility it became apparent that the facility's main weakness was actually their extremely old and inefficient heating system.


Eco Generation were able to present the practical, economical and environmental benefits of a biomass boiler installation to the factory. The new biomass boiler showed the potential of a less than 4 year payback with a guaranteed revenue stream for 20 years via the Renewable Heat Incentive.


The 410kWth package is made up of 2 x 205kWth Austrian made wood pellet boilers, which are fully automated. By having two boilers the facility had a back-up arrangement. The fuel store can hold circa 15t of fuel, allowing for only 7 fuel deliveries per annum.


Eco Generation also were able to assist the client in obtaining a 5 year unsecured Hire Purchase finance package to keep the scheme cash flow positive from the outset.

199kW Biomass Installation in Cheshire
199kWth Chip Biomass Boiler - Multiple Houses, Cheshire


Mr. Foden contacted Eco Generation to see what Renewable Technologies he could consider for the multiple properties that he leases out at a site in South Cheshire. The property consisted of 6 separate units and so qualified for the Non-Domestic RHI. None of the buildings were suitable for Solar Panels.


Following initial modelling, it was established that a 199kW Biomass Boiler installation was the best fit for Mr. Foden and the facility. Eco Generation worked closely with the client to source unsecured finance to get the project off the ground.


With Mr. Foden owning a construction business we were able to work with him on what areas of the required scope he wished to complete and where our responsibilities lay.


The 199kW Biomass Boiler was successfully commissioned a week before the RHI reduction as promised to the client.


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