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Commercial Biomass Boiler Suppliers in Cheshire & Nationwide

Biomass Boilers for Commercial - Cheshire

Thanks to Government Incentives (RHI, see below), low Biomass Boiler Fuel costs and improvements in technology, Commercial Biomass Boilers can payback in approximately 3-5 years depending on the application and fuel selection. A 1MWth Biomass Boiler can generate circa £90k per annum in RHI revenue as well as deliver significant fuel savings. A Biomass Boiler used commercially is entitled to the RHI for 20 years and the rates are index linked.


The design of a Biomass boiler can be flexible and we are even able to deliver a fully containerised solution that can be installed externally to a facility.

Put simply the RHI offers an attractive revenue stream for generating renewable heat.

RHI in Short:

The Tier 1 RHI Tariff is only due on the first 3,066hrs of capacity runtime per annum. In order to calculate the amount of kWh this equates to, simply multiply the capacity of the Biomass Boiler by 3,066.


Example: Total Tier 1 allocation for a 200kWth Biomass Boiler = 200 x 3,066 = 613,200kWh eligible for the Tier 1 Tariff per annum. With the Tier rate being 2.96p/kWh this would equate to a payment in year 1 of £18k as well reduced heating costs (circa 50% vs LPG or Oil).


The Tier 2 RHI Tariff is due on all consumed kWh above the Tier 1 allocation.


In order for a Biomass Boiler to be deemed a commercial boiler it must be either serving more than one domestic premises or the produced heat needs to be utilised for commercial purposes (e.g. heating a Cheshire factory).

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