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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for Commercial and Domestic













The RHI is the UK government's tool for stimulating the Renewable Heat market. Many technologies benefit from RHI, including both Domestic Biomass Boilers and Commercial Biomass Boilers up to any scale. We are highly experienced in dealing with RHI applications, having done so for numerous customers in Cheshire and throughout the UK.


The mechanism is simple, you will be entitled to a particular RHI tariff depending on the scale and application of the biomass boiler (domestic vs commercial).


For Commercial Biomass, meters are installed to measure the energy produced by the Biomass Boiler and second stage meters are utilised to measure the energy in the water/steam returned to the boiler to be reheated. This allows the energy consumed to be calculated. Once the consumed energy figure is known your RHI payment can be calculated; Heat Energy Generated & Utilised (kWh) x RHI Tariff (£/kWh)=RHI Payment.


Alternatively for Domestic Biomass Boilers no meters are required. You will be required to get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your home, which will determine how many kWh your property needs to be heated. To then calculate your RHI payment, simply multiply this figure by the Domestic RHI rate.


Eco Generation itself from competitors by completing all of the RHI documentation on your behalf and by having certified Cheshire Biomass Fuel suppliers.


Please click the following links to learn more on the RHI for the two categories of Biomass Boiler; Commercial Biomass Boilers and Domestic Biomass Boilers in Cheshire and the North West or Nationwide if needed.


RHI Domestic and Commercial Tariffs
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