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The Best Solar Panel Finance?

Smeaton Wood Energy specialises in the delivery of Commercial Solar Panel projects. One of our more significant USPs is the range of commercial solar panel finance options that we can offer to our clients (click here to review options). However, which is the best?

The answer won't be "the answer" for all businesses however it is by far our most popular solar panel finance package and for good reason. The "Solar Panel Rental Scheme" is and has been opening some big doors for us by breaking down the main barriers preventing businesses from investing in solar; large upfront capital outlay, >3 year payback and long term commitment (under Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)). The Solar Rental Package removes all of these barriers. For a detailed information pack, please Click Here.

In an attempt to quickly summarise this excellent and award winning commercial solar panel finance package, the Solar Panel Rental Scheme has the following benefits:

- Zero upfront Capital Outlay

- All funding is unsecured and so doesn't impact future borrowings

- You retain all of the Feed in Tariffs and Electricity savings

- This enables a Solar Array to turn a profit in Year 1

- Flexible exit, you can cancel the lease at any stage

- By leasing the Solar Panels, they remain off of the balance sheet, bring tax efficiencies

- Guaranteed Performance, we are able to arrange a guarantee on yield up to 90% for 10 years

- No technology risk, the solar panels are the responsibility of the panels remains with the funder as they own the panels. Therefore any breakages or maintenance costs are with them

- Kingspan and Euroclad certified, roof warranties with these parties will be unaffected

- And more.....

To show you an example of how the modelling looks on this commercial solar panel finance package see below:

If you would like to see how your business can benefit from this commercial solar panel finance scheme, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

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