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Solar Panels Commercial Installation and Supply

Contact Eco Generation for a quote and to understand the commercial Solar potential of your premises. We offer several Funding Options if Capital Investment is not of interest.


Solar Power is now a mature technology, with over £6 Billion worth of Solar Panels now operational in the UK alone.


Installing solar panels is now more viable than ever. Due to greatly reduced installation costs and higher than ever electricity prices, returns are higher than ever. These price reductions are keeping paybacks in the region of 5 years across the UK including Cheshire and the North West.

Solar Panels Commercial Installation
Solar Funding Anchor

Solar Panel Commercial Funding Options - "Click here to go to our Solar Funding Page"


Summary below:


Like many assets there are a range of options for procuring a commercial Solar Panel installation. Please see below for a brief summary of each and please contact us to learn more or for a quote:


Self-Funded Solar Panels

The simplest and most rewarding form of procuring Solar Panels. However it requires upfront capital that may not be available. Essentially this approach requires a customer to pay for the Solar Panel Array off balance sheet.


Leased Solar Panels

Rather than fronting up the capital a company/individual can Lease a Solar Panel Array. A fund installs the solar panels and only expects pre-agreed rental rates in return. This arrangement allows for the asset to remain off of the balance sheet, requires zero capital outlay and offers great tax gains. The package is designed to keep the leaser in a cash flow positive position from year 1. All of the generated energy savings go to the leaser to outweigh the rental payments thus keeping the package cash flow positive. This is also a flexible package as the leaser can exit the rental arrangement at any stage.


Fully Funded/Free Solar Panels

Eco Generation has access to fully funded options that require zero risk or capital from the landlord. A fund will essentially lease the roof space (20-30yrs) and request that a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is put in place. This essentially commits the Landlord to purchasing any generated electricity required for a pre agreed rate. Typically these rates are far below retail daytime electricity prices e.g. 8p-10p/kWh depending on the roof in question.

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