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Solar Farms Staffordshire - Smeaton Wood Energy are experienced developers of Solar Farms in Staffor

If you are interested in a potential Solar Farm on your land contact Smeaton Wood Energy today. To find out if your land is suitable please click here, but if in doubt get in touch.

A Landlord accommodating a Staffordshire Solar Farm can expect to receive around £800/acre index linked for a minimum of 25 years. We can also arrange for a revenue share in conjunction with a rental, the rental will act as your base rate. However if the Solar Farm performs above expectations (in general all well-built Solar Farms are performing well above expectations) the Landlord will see an upside.

Solar Farms have been big business across Europe for over a decade, however the market in the UK has only been active for around 4 years now. Much of the activity has been focused in southern UK due to the slightly higher irradiance levels however due to grid saturation in the south Solar Farm operators have been forced to look for grid capacity further north. As a result this has brought Solar Farming to Staffordshire. Therefore if this risk free method of securing an attractive income for the next 25 years if is of interest please contact us today.

Smeaton Wood Energy Directors have worked in the Solar Farming space for over 3 years and have delivered over 53MW of ground mounted solar projects. We have also teamed up with a fund that is the largest owner of operations Solar Farms in the UK to reinforce our expertise in this field.


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