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Solar Farms

Contact Eco Generation if you are interested in looking into the potential of a Solar Farm on your land. Eco Generation can quickly assess the viability of your site and help you to source the best Rental agreement.


Solar Farm Introduction

The biggest success story in Solar Power in the UK has been the boom in Solar Farms. Directors at Eco Generation have been directly related to this success having delivered over 53MW (53,000kW) in Solar Farms over the years. Our experience reaches from initially shaking a landowners hand to managing operational solar farms.


The concept of Solar Farms for a Landowner is a simple one. A Landowner agrees to lease out their land for up to 30 years in return for an attractive rent and at no cost to the  Landowner at any stage. Rents of circa £750* per acre per annum can be expected (*depending upon many variables including; location, scale, grid connection, etc.). The Solar Farm owner/leasee will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the leased land.


Much of the Solar Farm growth has been down south, but Eco Generation is bringing its expertise up to the North West and Cheshire to help Cheshire landowners benefit from these brilliant projects.


Solar Farms can be built such that they can cater for sheep grazing so that the great cheshire plains can still be farmed.


Is My Land Suitable For a Solar Farm?

There are many factors that need to be considered to determine if land is suitable for a Solar Farm. The short list below is some of the most critical aspects:


- Plot of at least 5 acres.

- Near (less than 1mile) to a large energy consumer that could consume the power.

- Well screened site (e.g. not overlooked by domestic properties).

- Flat land with limited slope (north slope is not suitable).

- No footpaths running through the site.

- Not grade one land and preferably not grade 2.

- Not within Greenbelt.

Solar Farm Rental
Solar Farm Suitability
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