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Commercial Solar Panel Case Studies


Below are a few examples of our completed Commercial Solar Panel Installations. Please feel free to contact us to learn the potential for a Solar Panel Installation at your business. Additionally Click Here for more information on Commercial Solar Panels.

Commercial Solar Panels in North West
611kWp Rollout - Aviagen Turkeys Ltd - Nationwide


Aviagen Turkeys Ltd approached Eco Generation with a concern over their ever increasing electricity costs. The company is a part of a large corporate organisation and so wanted the deal to be financed as cleanly as possible. This is where our Unique Operating Lease Package comes into its own. The off balance sheet and unsecured nature of the arrangement allowed for a speedy sign off on the project in time for all the installations to be completed before the FIT drop.


The lease payments are structured such that the business will make significant margin from year 1 all the way through to year 25. All operation and maintenance costs are covered by us, removing risk to the client.



Click here for more photos of other installs across the portfolio.

Commercial Solar Panels in North West
375kWp - Clipper Logistics, Nottinghamshire


Eco Generation have been working with Clipper Logistics for some time trying to establish the best solar package for their complicated business model. After much deliberation and modelling it was decided that our award winning Solar Operating Lease Package was the option for them. This package requires zero upfront capital and is highly tax efficient. It also allows the solar array to finance itself without the need for a loan which keeps the asset off balance sheet.


After analysing the business’ half hourly data it was established that a 375kWp solar array was the best fit. The facilities robotic logistics technology has a consistent year round demand making the facility an ideal candidate for a commercial solar array. When sizing a solar array we firstly look to understand the client's goals. In Clipper's instance it was to maximise returns and so we needed to design a solar system as large as possible whilst keeping export to a bare minimum. As a matter of fact this Clipper Facility was restricted to zero export by the DNO (grid operators) and so we have installed our innovated export limitation equipment.


Click here for more photos.


Commercial Solar Panels in North West
78kWp – Portal Construction NW Ltd, Merseyside


One of the planning conditions enforced on Portal Construction’s (Cheshire based construction firm) most recent industrial development was that 78kWp of solar panels were installed on the facility. Portal ran a competitive tender for the project to a large range of Cheshire Solar Panel Installers. Eco Generation won the tender off the back of our hassle free, competitive and quality package.


The installation took less than a week to be completed and we were able to work in tune with the complicated and constrained construction schedule desired by Portal. With Portal being an established and respectable construction organisation they expected very high health and safety standards which were met comfortably by our standard procedures.


We are now working with Portal to develop ways that solar panels can add value to their future developments whether conditioned in planning or not.

Commercial Solar Panels in North West
50kWp - Venables Oak, Shropshire


Chuck and Paul Venables contacted Eco Generation asking "Is Solar still worth doing?". Sadly this is a common question and of course the answer is "Yes". Chuck and Paul had looked at solar a few years back when the government incentives were much higher, but the installation cost were also more than twice what they are today. Further to this, energy prices continue to increase by circa 10% per annum, making solar more viable now than it was during the days of higher tariffs.


After assessing the business' electricity demands and habits it was established that a 50kWp solar panel system was best suited to the business. It is expected that the solar array will payback within 5 years, which is actually a better return than installing solar a few years back. The key to a rapid payback is sizing a solar array to match the business' demands and to keep export to the bare minimum. Export brings a revenue of circa 5p/kWh, whereas using the generated power brings a saving of circa 12p/kWh.


Click here to read the reference provided by Venables Oak.

Solar Panels for a Farm
30kWp - Mr. Dodd, Dodleston Hall Dairy Farm, Cheshire


Mr. Dodd contact Eco Generation to aid him with reducing his robotic milking running costs. Luckily for Mr. Dodd robotic milking is ideal for Solar PV. The reason being that the robots have a steady electricity demand throughout the day. This means that we can size a solar array appropriately in order to restrict export to a minimum and therefore keeping returns high.


The facility had a complicated private network and so some careful design was needed to make sure that no distribution cables were overloaded. Further to this a special relay was required to protect the inverters from the backup generator.


Eco Generation was given a tight timeframe to have the system installed before a tariff reduction and this target was met. We also arranged all of the Feed in Tariff paperwork for the client.


30kWp solar power systems and below are eligible for a 50% deemed export.


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