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Slurry Anaerobic Digestion - AD Supply and Installation


Contact Eco Generation for a free Feasibility Study to understand how AD can benefit your Business. Our AD installers are based in Cheshire but operate Nationwide. We are specialists in innovative procurement packages, removing the need for capex if necessary.

Slurry Anaerobic Digestion Plants

Although Eco Generation can offer all varieties of AD plant, our focus is on slurry only AD systems. Slurry AD plants are an excellent solution for any farm with >200 milkers housed year round. A farm can now utilise a waste product to generate all the heat and electricity needed for the farm, whilst receiving incentive payments from the government for doing so.

CHP Cheshire
How does Slurry AD work?


The system is designed to automatically draw slurry into the oversized digester. The slurry AD digester is constantly mixing and heating the slurry to create the right environment for the slurry to breakdown rapidly and release methane. The methane rises to the top of the dome where it is pumped into the modified engine. But before the engine it runs through a sulphur filter (we over size our sulphur filter so that replacements are only need once per annum) to remove the harmful chemical. The engine uses the methane as a fuel to generate electricity for the site (from 50kWe). The heat from the engine (from 90kWth) is used to heater the slurry AD digester (60%) and the remaining heat is used on the farm (40%). The byproduct is a water like digestate that has 3 x the nitrogen levels of slurry and is very easy to handle.


Available Incentives

A slurry Ad plant can access both the RHI and FIT incentives. In short the government will pay you to heat your business (RHI) using the waste heat from the engine. Additionally you will be paid for generating the electricity (FIT). This payments in addition to the savings experienced can allow the system to payback in circa 4 years, act now before incentives change.

Don't have Capital to Invest?

It can be arranged that a Slurry AD package is installed at no cost to you. We will arrange the slurry AD installation and operation at our cost, then simply sell the business the power generated at a rate that is much more competitive than your current energy prices. This removes risk and brings immediate savings.

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