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DECC preparing Solar Industry for Feed-in Tariff Reduction

Smeaton Wood Energy attended a seminar with DECC last week where the government body was clearly preparing the solar panel industry for some reductions in feed-in tariff. Further to this more undenied rumours have been emerging in the press of late supporting these comments from DECC on Feed-in tariff reductions. This article on the likely Feed-in tariff reductions by Solar Power Portal summarises the position:

Therefore in short if you are considering installing solar panels to benefit from the current feed-in tariff rates for the next 20 years, act now. Smeaton Wood Energy has a fantastic turnaround rate with it typically taking us no more than 4 weeks from contract date to installation date for commercial solar panel projects.

Don’t want to invest your own capital or struggling for cash? Why not consider some of our many finance and funded solar panel packages? We are now able to deliver Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) at 2.5p/kWh index linked for 20 years. Additionally our award winning Operating Lease package can keep a solar array self-financing from year 1 and bring over £1m in profit to a facility over 25 years.

Don’t delay and contact our Solar Experts today on 01270 780181 or visit our contact us page to email us.

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