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50kW Commercial Solar Reference - Venables Oak Ltd, Shropshire

We have just had our 50kWp Solar Panel array commissioned and we are delighted with the results. The install is very neat & tidy and our yields look excellent already.

We contacted Smeaton Wood Energy about 2 months ago regarding the potential of a Solar Panel system on our mill. We knew very little about the benefits of Solar and we actually thought that we had missed the boat after hearing of all the tariff reductions over the years. However Tom from Smeaton Wood Energy was excellent at showing us the financial benefits of a solar array on our facility at todays feed in tariff rates. To our delight when looking at the initial budget figures a solar panel system stacked up very nicely for us with a less than 5 year payback, circa 20% return for 20 years.

Tom then went into the detail of assessing our energy bills to get a feel for the amount of power that we actually use at the mill. It became clear to us that the key to a sound return was down to us being able to consume the vast majority of the generated power. Having assessed our daytime energy demands it was clear that a 50kWp system was ideal for our needs, keeping export to an absolute minimum and therefore keeping returns high.

Smeaton Wood Energy provided the most competitive quote in terms of value and quality of kit and so we were more than happy to proceed with them for the installation. After going to contract the system was up and running within 3 weeks bringing minimal impact to our daily routine.

In summary we are delighted with the product and service that we received from Smeaton Wood Energy. More than happy to recommend their services to anyone.

Kind regards,

Chuck & Paul Venables

Owners - Venables Oak Ltd

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