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Limiting Export on Solar Panels

Many businesses have been forced to limit export from solar panels which in turn limits the capacity of your commercial solar panels.

Typically it is the DNO (District Network Operator) that needs a business to limit export from solar panels and therefore limit the solar panel capacity. This can often be a severe limitation on the potential returns from a solar scheme where the electricity demand for a site can justify a much greater capacity.

Smeaton Wood Energy now has a DNO approved method to limit export from solar panels to remove this issue. This now means that a business can install the commercial solar panel capacity that you wish to achieve or best suits your electricity demands rather than what the DNO dictate.

Additionally it can greatly reduce the project costs by removing the need for grid upgrades which are normally needed when trying to increase the export capacity.

For example; a Cold Store may desire a 1MW solar array on their property. Smeaton Wood Energy then investigates the grid availability with the DNO and the DNO only comes back with an export capacity of 500kWp. In the past this would mean the Cold Store can only install 500kWp. However with our now approved method to limit export from solar panels the full 1MWp can be installed.

Smeaton Wood Energy only recommends firms to limit export from solar panels when the demand on a site justifies doing so as any generation above the export limit will be lost. A cold store is a great example as the cooling is 24/7 meaning there is never any risk of export, making limiting export a no brainer to gain the extra capacity from the commercial solar panels.

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