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Biomass Boiler Cheshire - Installed, Operated and Owned by Smeaton Wood Energy Ltd

Smeaton Wood Energy can set itself aside from the competition by the fact that it owns and operates 3 Commercial Biomass Boilers ranging from 750kW to 999kW in Cheshire. Visitors are welcome by appointment.

The first two Cheshire based Biomass Boilers have been operational for over a year and have outperformed expectations. The boilers are on track to payback within 3 years.

The Biomass Boilers are designed to burn Cheshire Biomass fuel which is in chip form. On the back of this, Smeaton Wood Energy can help clients to source the most cost effective Biomass Fuels which plays a big part in the financial performance of your Cheshire Biomass Boiler.

The Cheshire Biomass Boilers were installed to heat poultry sheds as the chickens need to be in high temperature climates during their early days. This makes for a perfect scenario for a Biomass Boiler Solution. An added benefit that is not linked to the fuel savings or RHI is the dry heat that the Biomass Boiler can produce by radiating heat from hot water pipes. The dry heat has increased the chicken growth performance by approximately 30%.

If you are interested in a Cheshire Biomass Boiler or a Nationwide Biomass Boiler, both Domestic and Commercial please don’t hesitate to contact Smeaton Wood Energy today.

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