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Solar Panels

Solar PV returns are more attractive than ever. Eco Generation can quickly help you to understand the solar power potential of your premises.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar Panels simply convert sunlight into useable electricity. They are capable of coverting approximately 20% of the light energy that hits them into energy to power your business or home.

Due to greatly reduced installation costs and higher than ever electricity prices, returns are more attractive than ever.


Typical Payback Within 6 Years

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Would Solar work for us?

+ Strong candidates for Solar PV have day time electical loads (ideally) 7 days per week. However, Mon-Fri still offers great returns.

+ South facing roofs are ideal but East and West facing still offer good options. Old asbestos roofs are not suitable, but speak with us about a New Roof + Solar option.

+ Future proof your business, we can discuss options for EV charging points as a part of a project.

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Solar Funding Options

We offer a range of funding options, that bring instant savings and require no CapEx:

+ Leased Solar Panels
+ Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

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