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Slurry Anaerobic Digestion

A slurry AD system can drive significant energy savings & generate energy that can be sold back to the grid.

What is Slurry Anaerobic Digestion?

The Slurry AD digester constantly mixes and heats the slurry to create the right environment for the slurry to breakdown rapidly and release methane. The methane rises and is pumped into the modified engine which uses the methane as a fuel to generate electricity for the site (from 50kWe). The heat from the engine (from 90kWth) is used to heat the slurry AD digester (60%) and the remaining heat is used on the farm (40%).

The byproduct is a water like digestate that has 3 x the available nitrogen of slurry and is very easy to handle.


Typical Payback Within 5 Years

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Would Slurry Anaerobic Digestion Suit My Business?

+ Businesses with consistent access to a source of biomass waste (slurry, food waste, etc.) can benefit from AD.

+The business will require a 24/7 electricial load or a business nearby with the same. Without this the power is exported at only 4p/kWh vs saving at 16p/kWh.

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Slurry AD Funding Options

+ Competitive Lease finace options avaibale.

+ Slurry AD is eligble for the 130% Super Deduction Capital Allowances.

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