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LED Lighting

LED lighting is hugely more efficient than traditional lighting, allowing rapid payback. LED solutions work for every business!

What is LED Lighting?

Commercial lighting can account for up to 40% of typical electricity usage. Therefore significant savings can be experienced by switching from conventional lighting to LED lighting which can be 90% more efficient.

Don't just switch your exisiting lighting, why not improve on it. Eco Generation can design a bepsoke lighting solution that suits your current requirements. No more dark aisles or not to code work spaces.


Typical Payback Within 2 Years

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Would LED Lighting suit My Business?

+Any business not currently using LED lighting will benefit.

+Install can be fast meaning minimal disruption and swift savings.

+Let the savings pay for the switch. We have access to competitive finance options that allow the significant savings to cover the finance and more.

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LED Funding Options

+Simple finance options spread the LED swap over several years, allowing the savings to fund the site upgrade.

+LED retrofits are eligble for the 130% Super Deduction Capital Allowances.

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