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Heat Pumps

Specialists in both Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps. Ideal heating solution for any new build or renovation.

What are Heat Pumps?

A heat pump system uses the same technology as a fridge, just run in reverse. When the compressed refrigerant coolant is allowed to expand it cools rapidly, this is then exposed to the air (ASHP) or ground (GSHP) to absorb heat. The warmed up coolant is then compressed again which causes it to rapidly heat up to around 55 degrees centigrade. This heat is then used for heating your business or home and hot water. An immerson in the hotwater tank is required to occasionaly lift the hotwater temperature to >60 degrees to prevent Legionnaires disease.

The efficiency of this process means that a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) can convert 1 unit of electricity into 4 units of useable heat energy and an Airsource Heat Pump (ASHP) delivers around 1:3. This is incredibly efficient when compared with electric radiators that operate at 1:1.

Furthermore, the most effective way to operate a Heat Pump is to maintain the temperature in the heated space 24/7. Meaning you have complete comfort year round.


Typical Payback Within 5 Years

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Would a Heat Pump Work for my property?

+ Ideal for new build and renovation projects.

+ Excellent for consistent heat load requirements: Swimming Pools, Hotels, Houses, Care Homes, Offices, etc.

+ Highly competitive versus Oil or LPG heating.

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Heat Pump Funding Options

+Competitive lease finance packages can remove the upfront Captial Expenditure of a Heat Pump.

+Eligible for 130% Super Deduction Capital Allowances.

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