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Demand Response

Generate revenues from your plant with zero impact to your operation. Realise your Demand Response potential with Eco Generation.

What is Demand Response?

By managing existing assets and processes a business may be able to access Demand Response revenues. The key is to implement this service with zero impact to operational performance.

This is possible because the electricity grid is put under huge strain during sporadic high demand windows. This encourages grid operators to pay businesses that can promtly help to meet these demand peaks by turning on any form of onsite generation or by dropping demand.

We work with you to agree strict parameters that won't impact your operation but allow the site to participate. For example: Switching off chillers if within 5 degrees of asking, ramping up CHP, slowing down certain areas of production, etc.

At all times we have an opt out option.


Generate up to £100k net / annum / MW from Existing Assets

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Would Demand Response Suit My Business?

+Suits any medium to large business that has flexibility within their process.

+ Even businesses that can turn up power demand can benefit.

+ Business needs to have a draw of at least 500kWp to have a meaningful gain.

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No Gains, No Cost

+We only charge a percentage of the revenues we generate for the business. So no revenues means no fee.

+No upfront costs.

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