Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Payback on CHP can be within 3 years.
Generate Heat and Electricity for your business onsite.

What is CHP?

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is a mains gas fuelled combustion engine used onsite to produce both electricity and heat. The heat from the engine and flue is captured and utilised.

Generating onsite with CHP is 70% more efficient than drawing energy from remote power stations via the grid, bringing significant savings to the business.​

The savings generated can allow paybacks on a CHP Generator of <3 years depending on the application and ease of integration.

CHP units are highly space efficient and with their weather proof containers. As standard a CHP package is sound limited to just 70dB from 1 metre.


Typical Payback Within 3 Years

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Would CHP Suit My Business?

+ Ideal candidates for CHP have a consistent 24/7 electical load which allows the unit to run at capacity for longer, providing attractive returns.

+ CHP is a great option for Large Hotels, Leisure Centres, Manufacturing, Hospitals, Care Homes, Dairies, Food Processing, Large Offices, Museums, Shopping Centres, etc.

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CHP Funding Options

+A CHP package can be installed for no up-front cost. The generated electricity is simply sold to the business at a rate that is much more competitive than your current grid supplied power. All operational risk is with the third party project funder.

+Eligible for 130% Super Deduction Capital Allowances.