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Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Payback on CHP can be within 3 years.
Generate Heat and Electricity for your business onsite.

What is CHP?

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is 70% more efficient than drawing energy from remote power stations via the grid, bringing significant savings to the business. All CHPs come Hydrogen ready and are regularly deloyed as part of Zero 2030 strategies.

CHP is mains gas fuelled and used onsite to produce both electricity and heat. The heat from the engine and flue is captured and utilised.

The savings generated can allow paybacks on a CHP Plant of <3 years depending on the application and ease of integration.

CHP units are highly space efficient and supplied in weatherproof containers. As standard a CHP package is sound limited to just 70dB from 1 metre.


Typical Payback Within 3 Years

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Would CHP Suit My Business?

+ Ideal candidates for CHP have a consistent 24/7 electical load which allows the unit to run at capacity for longer, providing attractive returns.

+ CHP is a great option for Large Hotels, Leisure Centres, Manufacturing, Hospitals, Care Homes, Dairies, Food Processing, Large Offices, Museums, Shopping Centres, etc.

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CHP Funding Options

+A CHP package can be installed for no up-front cost. The generated electricity is simply sold to the business at a rate that is much more competitive than your current grid supplied power. All operational risk is with the third party project funder.

+Eligible for attractive Capital Allowances.

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