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Carbon Offsetting

Offset your Carbon Footprint.
Understand how to make your business Zero Carbon for minimal cost.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

A Carbon Footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases you release into the atmosphere as a result of your activities.

To offset your Carbon Footprint, we fund verified United Nations offset projects which include renewable energy and tree planting schemes.

For every tonne of CO2e that Eco Generation offsets, the UN provide them with a certificate as proof of their contribution.


Eco Generation offers highly competitive and flexible offset options

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Would Carbon Offsetting Work for Me?

+Every business is different, so contact our team today to learn how easy it is to make your business Carbon Neutral.

+Eco Generation can also highlight which technologies will offer your business CO2e savings aswell as attractive financial savings.

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Maximum Impact, Minimal Cost

+We will quantify your carbon emissions and generate a bespoke package to offset your carbon footprint through a combination of renewable technologies for the site and funding UN certified carbon reduction projects.

+All projects supported are scruntised by the UN to prove that they offer genuine and quality Carbon Emission reduction or removal.

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