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Battery Storage

Battery Storage helps you to manage your energy usage at peak & off-peak times, bringing significant savings.

What is Battery Storage?

Commercial batteries allow a facility to reduce its electricity demand during expensive "red rate" windows, bringing significant savings.

In addition to this, due to a battery's ability to release power instantaneously, commercial batteries can participate in Demand Response services. Demand Response allows the battery to generate revenues as well as savings. Therefore giving highly attractive returns.

Further more, Eco Generation can also propose a Solar Panel array to further complement a battery solution.


Typical payback within 7 Years

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Would Battery Storage Work for Me?

Any medium to large sized business will likely be able to benefit from commercial batteries at their facilities. Get in touch to arrange a free feasibility study.

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Battery Storage Funding Options

+Competitive Lease finace packages available.

+Battery Storage is eligble for the 130% Super Deduction Capital Allowances.

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