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Providing Solar Arrays with Limited Export to avoid Grid Constraints









Eco Generation now has methods of providing a client with whatever Solar Panel capacity best suits their needs rather than the DNO/Grid Operator dictating the capacity with low export limitations.


The DNO always needs to be consulted on any solar scheme greater than 3.6kWp so that capacity on the grid can be determined. This often leads to export limits (a limit on the amount of power a solar array can put back into the grid) which in the past have ultimately been the total installation capacity limit.


Today however Eco Generation can provide solar panels where the capacity of the array is not dictated by the export limits, because we can now control/limit the export capacity.


For Example:


The DNO is consulted on a scheme where a client wants and can justify (due to onsite electricity demands) a 250kWp solar array. However the DNO comes back saying that they can only export 100kWp, which in the past would have meant the client can only install a maximum of 100kWp.


Today, Eco Generation can supply a 250kWp scheme under this scenario. The export limitation kit would simply be installed to cap export at 100kWp.


We only suggest that the export limitation kit is used if the base load of a site justifies it. For instance if the base load of a cold store is 1MWh/h for 24hrs per day, 365 days per year then a 250kWp array will never export so the export limitation works perfectly as it allows the client to install a larger array than the DNO state the grid can handle.


Contact us to learn how we can provide export limitation retrospectively for your solar installation and expand your solar array to the capacity that you need.

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