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LED Lighting Supply and Installation

Commercial lighting can account for up to 40% of typical electricity usage. Therefore significant savings can be experienced by changing the bulbs that are used and the way you use them. A business will have an array of light fittings and uses for them. LED lighting is hugely flexible and can be utilised in all of these commercial applications.


By replacing a 400W bulb with a 150W LED Bulb, lighting electricity costs can be reduced by over 60%. This allows the payback on LEDs to be as low as 1-2yrs. Further to this, LED installations can receive warranties of up to 10 years, removing operational or replacement risk.


Eco Generation are experts at helping you to understand the benefits that your business could see by switching to LEDs. Contact us for a free feasibility study.

Commercial LED Lights
Commercial LED Lighting Installation
Commercial LED lighting
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