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Domestic Solar Panels

Domestic Solar Panels Cheshire

Contact Eco Generation for a quote on any scale of Solar Panel domestic installation in Cheshire.


Installing Solar Panels on your home gives you a number of significant benefits:


1. Energy Savings - Now that the solar panels are generating power for your domestic property, you no longer need to purchase that power from your electricity supplier.

2. Battery Storage - The solar panels can be partnered with a battery storage system to offset even more of your electricity needs.


3. Collectively these benefits can give a 16%-20% approximate return per annum, tax free. When compared with an ISA/savings account (max 3% interest), there is no contest.


A domestic Solar installation can be done within a day and retrofitted to any roof. Eco Generation can help you to assess the viability of your home for Solar Panels.


Solar Panels are as viable in Cheshire as they are anywhere else in the UK, although Smeaton Wood Energy can deliver nationwide if required.


Please note that your home will require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessment before you are eligible for the FIT. This takes a few hours and your home must achieve a level D to qualify. Homes are very rarely rated below a level D.

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