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Combined Heat and Power - CHP Supply and Installation


Payback on CHP can be within 2 years. Fully Funded options bring instant savings with no Capital Expenditure.

Contact Eco Generation for a free Feasibility Study to understand how CHP can benefit your Business.

What is Combined Heat and Power (CHP)?

A CHP plant generates electricity and heat onsite from gas. Generating onsite is 70% more efficient than drawing energy from remote power stations via the grid, bringing significant savings to the business. Extremely quiet at <65dB from 1 meter.


CHP is a gas fuelled combustion engine used to produce electricity for a facility. Green Gas can be used to make a CHP scheme carbon neutral or even zero carbon if required. In addition, the CHP plant captures the heat produced by the engine to be utilised for heating space or a process.

The savings generated can bring paybacks on a CHP Generator of <2 years depending on the application and ease of integration.

CHP units are highly space efficient and with their weather proof containers, can be sited outside if needed.

Combined heat and power CHP cogeneration
CHP Cheshire
Would CHP Suit my Business?


CHP has many applications however certain types of organisation can see larger benefits than others. Typically, ideal candidates for CHP are those that have a consistent 24/7 electical load. This will allow the CHP unit to run at capacity for longer allowing the savings to accumulate to a level where returns become attractive (payback of <2 yrs possible). Examples of such businesses are: Large Hotels, Leisure Centres, Manufacturing, Hospitals, Care Homes, Dairies, Food Processing, Large Offices, Museums, Shopping Centres, etc. Eco Generation have experience in all of these fields with over 3,000 engines manufactured and delivered to date.


Don't have Capital to Invest?

It can be arranged that a CHP package is installed for no up-front cost. The generated electricity is simply sold to the business at a rate that is much more competitive than your current grid supplied power. All operational risk is with the third party project funder. This removes risk and brings immediate savings.

Example Case:

CHP Capacity Hours/a:          8,050

Engine Electrical Output:     210kWe

Engine Thermal Output:      337kWth

Yr 1 Electrical Savings          £181k

Yr 1 Displaced Boiler Gas:    £45k

Yr 1 Gas to Fuel Engine:      -£106k

Yr 1 Net Energy Saving:        £120k

Yr 1 Maintenance:               -£20k

Yr 1 Total Net Saving:         £100k

Turnkey Project Cost:            £200k

Simple Payback:                   2yrs

Estimated Life of Engine:     15 yrs

Our CHP installers are based in Cheshire but operate Nationwide with 24hr rapid response teams.

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