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Generate Revenue from your Backup Generator

Generate up to £50k net / annum / MW from a Backup Generator

Any business that has a 500kVa or larger backup generator can benefit from an annual income by running the generator at certain points in the year (fully managed by us).


This is possible because the electricity grid is put under huge strain during sporadic high demand windows. This encourages grid operators to pay businesses that can promtly help to meet these demand peaks by turning on any form of onsite generation (or by dropping demand).


Many businesses have backup generators that are very rarely utilised. This carries a significant opportunity cost. By partnering with Eco Generation, we can help you to generate up to £50k net per annum per MW of generator capacity by utilising this asset. We will manage all of the areas that are required to capture these revenues making it a hassle and cost free process.

Backup generator
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