Professional, Experienced and Impartial Renewable Energy Suppliers and Installers

Eco Generation strive to utilise our experience to enable commercial clients to understand, execute and benefit from onsite Renewable/Sustainable Energy installation projects (CHP, LED, Solar PV, Biomass, etc). Eco Generation do not charge for the investigation/feasibility process and are technology impartial allowing for the best solutions to be selected. Contact us today to arrange for a free energy efficiency audit.


One of our USP's comes from the range of finance options that we can offer for Commercial Solar Panels, Combined Heat and Power, Biomass Boilers and more, removing the need for CapEx and therefore risk, whilst delivering instant savings.


As mentioned, Eco Generation are technology impartial. Unlike a Solar or Biomass installer, we will not shoehorn a technology into a facility. This allows us to consider each operation as a blank canvas in order to highlight the most appropriate solutions for the facility in question. Eco Generation can cater for both Commercial and Domestic enquiries nationwide.



- Commercial Solar Arrays - Including funded Solar Farm schemes up to 14MWp (14,000kWp) and commercial rooftop rollouts.


- Commercial Biomass Boilers - We have delivered and operated Biomass Boilers up to 5MWth in capacity.


- Commercial Combined Heat and Power - Involved with CHP plants from 70kWp to multiple MW's.

- LED Lighting - A focus on delivering industrial scale LED retrofits to bring instant and significant savings.


- Domestic Biomass Boilers - Multiple domestic Biomass schemes.


- Domestic Solar PV - Hundreds of domestic solar PV schemes.


Within these fields there is unlikely to be a project specification that we have not already delivered.


Eco Generation aims to utilise only the best equipment and partners for our projects. Years of relationships at all levels within the industry have helped us to grow a network of quality suppliers and partners to allow us to deliver the very highest standard of workmanship.


We offer a free quotation and feasibility study service, contact us today to discuss your options.

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